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Add more information for operators
* +c - Block color messages.
* +S - Strip color from messages.
* +g - Message filtering using simple string matches. Example: '''/msg chanserv mode #channel lock add +g *candy*'''. Now, no one in #channel can use the word candy. Use multiple /mode '''lock add''' commands to add more words. To see the list of banned words, omit the + symbol, e.g.: '''/mode #channel g'''.
* +d - Silence join/part messages until the person speaks. Useful for channels with people who, e.g., IRC from their laptop and flood channels with join/quit messages every time they close their laptop.
* +f - Flood protection - Example: '''/msg chanserv mode #channel lock add +f 7:3''' - If a user types 7 or more line within 3 seconds, they will be kicked. You can also do '''/msg chanserv mode #channel lock add +f *7:3''' to make them kickbanned instead of just kicked.* +j - Join Flood Protection - Example: '''/msg chanserv mode #channel lock add +j 20:5''' - If 20 or more clients join #channel within 5 seconds, the channel will be locked for 60 seconds, preventing anyone from joining.
* +C - Stops users from using /ctcp on a channel
* +Q - Prevents users from using /kick on a channel
* +M - Prevents unregistered users to speak in a channel (vs +R that requires registration to even join)
* +N - Prevents users from changing their nick while in a channel with +N set. Can also be used as an extban to prevent a specific user from changing their nick, e.g.: '''/msg chanserv mode #channel lock add +b N:lerxst!*@*''' would prevent lerxst from changing his nick to anything else.
* +R - Requires users to be registered (and identified) before joining the channel
* +T - Prevents users from using /notice on a channel. Also works as an extban (see +N for syntax)
* +b m - Mute - Extban for preventing a user from speaking in channel. e.g.: '''/msg chanserv mode #channel lock add +b m:lerxst!*@*''' prevents lerxst from speaking #channel.* +l x - Limit - Prevents users from joining a channel if the number of clients exceeds x. Example: '''/msg chanserv mode #channel lock add +l 5''' prevents users from joining #channel if there are already 5 users present.* +L - Redirect - If a channel's limit is exceeded (via +l), this forces users to join the specified channel. Example: '''/msg chanserv mode #channel lock add +L #channel-overflow'''. If you want to redirect everyone attempting to join a channel, set +l to 0.
* +z - SSL only - Users can only join a channel if they're connected via SSL
Use chanserv to permanently set a channel's mode:
/msg chanserv mode #mychannel lock add channel+-mode

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