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Updated language around non-inclusive
Using just your first name can also be a good option, if it's unique. But:
# Beware that IRC "seems" case-sensitive but actually isn't: e.g. <tt>/whois mossop</tt> (all lowercase) will return info on Mossop (with initial capital) if he's online, and <tt>/nick mossop</tt> will either be refused (if Mossop is online) or make NickServ tell you that this nick is registered and that you should IDENTIFY with its password if it's yours (if he isn't). ([[#Register your nickname|See below]] about this NickServ stuff.)
 # If you are new to IRC and you use a female name you will most likely at some point get private messages from Despite our very best efforts, occasionally people do experience behaviors that are unwelcomenot inline with our Community Participation Guidelines. This is hopefully less frequent on the Mozilla network but this behaviour does exist anywhere that also allows anonymity so take this into consideration in choosing your nickname and make sure If happens to you are prepared , please reach out to fend off jerksthe channel moderator or use our [ reporting hotline].
====Set your nickname====

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