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Add instructions on resetting/changing nickserv password
Congratulations! Your nickname is now registered if you see a message reply containing
"Your email address of [YourEmailAdressYourEmailAddress] has been confirmed".
Next time you log on, you will need to identify yourself to nickserv as follows (<u>after</u> you get the nickname):
Once you have identified yourself, you will be able to join password-protected irc channels and also, if needed, disconnect anyone using the nickname without the password. See <tt>/msg NickServ help</tt> for details.
====Reset or change your Nickserv password====
If you have forgotten your Nickserv password, you can have a reset password email sent to your registered email address:
/msg nickserv resetpass [nickname] [YourEmailAddress]
If you do remember your password and just want to change it (<u>after</u> you identify with your nickname):
/msg nickserv set password [new-password]
=== Interesting umodes ===

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