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Recipients: projects listed in 2018 year in review
* [ 2017-10-03]: Ushahidi, webpack, RiseUp, Phaser, mod_md
* [ 2018-01-23]: [ Python Package Index (PyPI)], Harfbuzz, Zappa, Tatoeba, Tor Project’s Open Observatory of Network Interference, Commento, libav/rust-av
* [ 2019-01-03]: SecureDrop, Tor, Processing Foundation, Dat, autoEdit2, Jandig, Open Data for Outbreak Science, Psych-DS, VRStoryGram,, Streetmix, Push, MoodleNet, Ciberseguras, Smart Greenhouse Monitoring System, CiviCRM Core Support and Development Inquiry, Engage, TorBirdy, and several others
* ...

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