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Updated the description of my role at Mozilla.
Some projects may want to apply for a MOSS award but be nervous about preparing a proposal. We have identified some mentors who are willing to help with this, and you should feel free to contact any of them:
* [ David Bryant]. David is a Fellow in Mozilla's Emerging Technologies organization and also led Mozilla's VP of Platform Engineering, so he organization in the past. He is obviously comfortably clueful about software, and he’s has also signed on to assist with the topics of project needs, possible solutions and appropriate amounts.
* [ Pascal Finette]. Pascal launched [ WebFWD] when he was a Mozilla employee and now runs Singularity University’s [ accelerator program]. Pascal has a long history and an abiding love of working with people to build things. He has great expertise in this type of task, matching by his abiding interest in contributing to Mozilla.

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