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Commonly Used Mozilla IRC Channels: Mention #seamonkey at Freenode.
* [ircs:// #rust-internals] - Rust compiler and library development
* [ircs:// #rust-osdev] - Operating system development with Rust
* [ircs:// #seamonkey] - Community project to revive the bundled application suite(The main channel is now [ircs:// at Freenode].)
* [ircs:// #servo] - Development of a research web browser in Rust
* [ircs:// #songbird] - Songbird project discussion
* [ircs:// #power] - development discussion about power consumption
* [ircs:// #push] - Push server and DOM API development channel
* [ircs:// #seamonkey] - SeaMonkey development channel(The main channel is now [ircs:// at Freenode].)
* [ircs:// #security] - security discussions and public channel for all Security teams
* [ircs:// #services-dev] - Cloud Services discussion channel

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