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'''Orientation Period (Webinar)''': Applicant is now in the Orientation Period
= Situation about Coaching =
Currently we have a bottleneck in terms of available Coaches/Mentors. We want to assign one Coach per Rep to enable personal development and having someone to talk to about possible questions Reps might have. We have on-boarded new Coaches in November 2016, and we will continue to do so in Q1 and Q2 of 2017. This will help us to get out of this bottleneck and enable us to have a good base for personal growth of Reps.
Right now, we might be assigning the Reps Council as Coach for new Reps during this experiment, until on-boarded Coaches have enough capacity to take on new Reps. At that point we will transfer the new Reps to the Coaches. We are still working on details for the Coaching training to make sure that this bottleneck can be solved and we can on-board new Coaches regularly.
In this time, Reps can contact the Reps Council for any questions around the Program and Mozilla. Additionally we will encourage Reps to talk to other Reps through the Telegram group as well as Discourse.
= Tools used in the Webinar workflow =

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