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= Priorities =
* [NEW] [TBD] {{bug|531498}} - Fennec Desktop L10n builds for Mac are not localized* [NEWAlmost fixed] [armenzg] {{bug|531695}} - Update try server factory for recent multi-locale maemo changes * [NEWAlmost fixed] [armenzg] {{bug|530753}} - Try server WinMo builds broken in 'copy globs to upload directory'* [armenzg] {{bug|523856}} - localized builds on WinCE* [NEW] ['''Please prioritize'''] {{bug|531869}} - Maemo 1.9.2/m-c nightly builds are turning red with locale errors* [NEW] [armenzg- '''free to take'''] {{bug|531873}} - maemo multi-locale factory adds more steps to itself every time
* [aki] {{bug|525257}} - Need 1.9.2 maemo release builds
** branching and tagging makes sense to follow the SeaMonkey and Thunderbird model
* [armenzg] {{bug|527989}} - Add repack-on-change builders for Maemo L10n and Fennec Desktop L10n
** [axel] {{bug|525674}} - Fennec repacks on change busted due that they are trying to load incorrect all-locales (in reality there is no repacks-on-change for Fennec) '''PATCH IN HAND''' - waiting on blocker bug
* [armenzgNEW] {{bug|523856}} - localized builds on WinCE* [armenzg - future] {{Fennec General bug|524519}} - use instead of MozillaStage for mobile factories* [armenzg - future] {{bug|527928531498}} - Allow uploading directories to stage Fennec Desktop L10n builds for ReleaseToLatest scenarioMac are not localized
* [armenzg - future] {{bug|525327}} - separate multi-locale build into two builders
** [coop] {{bug|526154}} - Create multi-locale builds for desktop fennec on linux
*** no sense doing this until the builders are split. We'll just have to fix it afterwards.
* [armenzg - future] {{bug|524519}} - use instead of MozillaStage for mobile factories
* [armenzg - future] {{bug|527928}} - Allow uploading directories to stage for ReleaseToLatest scenario
* [TBD] {{bug|525301}} - we should be able to trigger multi-locale fennec nightly build through waterfall
* [TBD] {{bug|531156}} - Maemo single-locale binaries should be uploaded only to its locale specific directory (rather than just the deb file)
* [aki] {{bug|507024}} - enable winmo nightly updates
== Fixed ==
* <strike>[vivien] {{bug|525811}} - Multi-locale build does not switch between locales</strike>
* <strike>[coop] {{bug|524820}} - to remove check out dirs under scratchbox</strike> '''FIXED'''

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