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Added [checkin needed] status whiteboard tip
# Bugs that have had review requested, but not from a specific person. This often happens by mistake of the reviewer name was entered incorrectly, in which case Bugzilla will flag the patch for review but not assign that to someone. These review requests are almost always ignored. If you think this is a mistake, try to assign to the review request to someone appropriate (this takes experience). If you're not sure, ping the patch author and ask them if it was intentional.
# Bugs where the patch author asked the reviewer a question, and received no answer
# Patches which are reviewed but no one checked them in. Believe it or not, this happens all the time. Either the developer forgot, or did not have the correct CVS permissions to make a checkin. In this case they're supposed to request help from a developer with permission to check in. If they don't know that, a perfectly good fix may just sit there rotting away. It's best to add "[checkin needed]" to the status whiteboard to let people know that the bug has a patch that needs checking in, or to remind the developer who made the patch to check it in.
== How to Deal with Ignored Bugs [Needs work] ==

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