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Mozilla is an amazing project. Bugs come in from just about
anywhere -- end users, developers , and QA teams scattered
across many organizations. The great benefit is that the various
products are extremely thoroughly tested on a day to day basis and
Unfortunately, even with all of this useful information, there is a
lot of noise. The less experienced community members often files file invalid, duplicate, alreadyfixed, improperly filed , and relatively incomplete bugs. Thatsaid, community bugs are an invaluable source of information, as
the testing coverage would not be nearly as wide without it. In
Mozilla, a QA must not only test and then file their own bugs, but
How does the QA community harness the flood of filed bugs into
better quality for Mozilla while maximizing productivity for
developers? Let's take a look ... there's <i>a lot</i> you can do without coding.
== How to Track Relevant Incoming Bugs ==

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