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Public Suffix List

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== Tasks to do ==
# Choose and set up a contact email address
# Decide on how to prevent forgery of replies (Gerv recommends "pinging" each registry that sends an email and get them to confirm that they actually send it)
# Send the email to all TLD registries
# Monitor the contact email address regularly and manage changes
# Make the effective TLD list file available to other browser manufacturersvia a suitable licence
== Name ==
== Email address ==
The email address for submissions has not yet been decidedis
The email address must be monitored regularly, and submissions, after being verified as originating from the registry, must be integrated with the master list in time for the next browser update.
At the moment, emails to this address are redrected to Gerv.
== Website ==
The website for the Public Suffix List will be is at A beta version of the site is available at
== Registries ==
The Mozilla Project ( is making a list of all "Public Suffixes". A Public Suffixes is a domain label or set of labels under which end users can directly register domains. Examples of Public Suffixes are ".net", "" and "".
This information is needed by web browsers in order to have secure cookie-setting policies, and for other security and user interface purposes. A more detailed rationale for this work can be found at
We have compiled an initial list of Public Suffixes, which includes data for each TLD. However, it is in your interest as a registry to make sure that your entry is correct and complete. Any errors may either cause your customers to not be able to set cookies when they should, or cause cookie information to be leaked between two domains without a trust relationship. Neither of these things is desirable.
Therefore, we are writing to ask you to view the current list and, if it is incorrect, to submit updated data. A description of the format of the list, and details for sending updates is at; the list itself is
We would also ask you, for the reasons given above, to institute a policy of sending updated data as soon as possible if your registration policies change in a way which requires a change in the Public Suffix List.
* [ How to make sure the cookies don't burn your fingers? - Implementer's notes - by Yngve Nysaeter Pettersen]
--[[User:Rubena|Rubena]] 1204:1110, 25 March 19 April 2007 (PDT)

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