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Public Suffix List

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== Tasks to do ==
# Decide on how to prevent forgery of replies (Gerv recommends "pinging" each registry that sends an email and get them to confirm that they actually send it)
# Send the email to all TLD registries
# Monitor the contact email address regularly and manage changes
The words "Effective TLD" are, for several good reasons, politically charged. In public and in external communications, the list will be known as the "Public Suffix List". Internally, however, the list and the service which uses it will continue to be known as the effective TLD list and effective TLD service respectively.
== Email address addresses ==
The email address for submissions is The email address for general contact is
The This email address must be monitored regularly, and submissions, after being verified as originating from the registry, must be integrated with the master list in time for the next browser update.
At the moment, emails to this address these addresses are redrected redirected to Gerv.
== Website ==

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