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The objective of this project is to produce a Minimum Viable Product (MVP) minimum viable version of a Location Servicefor clients (devices or browsers) to determine their location based on ambient wireless network information.
==FAQContributing== The easiest way to help the Location project is by running the '''MozStumbler''' Android app to collection wireless network locations around your city. You can compete against other stumbler users on our [ Leaderboard] and watch the project's progress on our [ Database Stats] and [ Coverage Map] pages. * Download MozStumbler installer:
Every project has some [[CloudServicesAnother way to contribute is to help implement new features and fix bugs in our MozStumbler Android app. The Java code and build instructions are on GitHub: https:/Location/FAQ|frequently asked questions]]github. We also have a short [[CloudServicescom/Locationmozilla/About|about page]] and a dedicated [[CloudServices/Location/Privacy_Policy|privacy policy]].MozStumbler
For more information about user privacy, see [ "Privacy"]. We are also maintaining an [ "overview of existing data sources"].
Every project has some [[CloudServices/Location/FAQ|frequently asked questions]]. We also have a short [[CloudServices/Location/About|about page]] and a dedicated [[CloudServices/Location/Privacy_Policy|privacy policy]].

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