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Creation time (ISO 8601 timestamp string like "2019-01-01T00:00:00Z") creation_ts creation_time
Whiteboard string status_whiteboard whiteboard
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List of bugs blocked blocked blocks
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Platform rep_platform platform
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Severity severity (or "bug_severity"?) severity
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Operator description Operator name
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Greater than greaterthan
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Not matching regular expression notregexp
is_any (?) anyexact
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Contains substring (case-insensitive) substring
Does not contain substring (case-insensitive) notsubstring
Contains all substrings (list of comma-separated strings) allwordssubstr
Contains any substrings (list of comma-separated strings) anywordssubstr
Does not contain any substrings (list of comma-separated strings) nowordssubstr
Contains all exact words (list of comma-separated strings) allwords
Contains any exact words (list of comma-separated strings) anywords
Does not contain any exact words (list of comma-separated strings) nowords
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Changed after relative time (e.g. 365d, 52w, 1m, or 1y) changedafter

Recently-fixed Fission Bugs

Full Query
Fission milestone Assigned to ID Summary Whiteboard
Future Matt Woodrow (:mattwoodrow) 1589275 Make DocumentChannel CSP handling work entirely in the parent process [domsecurity-backlog1]
M4.1 Alphan Chen [:alchen] 1585859 Intermittent dom/tests/mochitest/bugs/test_bug440572.html | received the right number of messages. - got 3, expected 4 [stockwell unknown]
M4.1 Henri Sivonen (:hsivonen) 1613590 browser_ext_search.js leaks an about:neterror window with Fission focus code
M4.1 Henri Sivonen (:hsivonen) 1612839 test_credman_iframes.html fails with Fission focus changes
M4.1 Henri Sivonen (:hsivonen) 1612842 test_bug486990.xhtml fails with Fission focus code
M4.1 Henri Sivonen (:hsivonen) 1612844 WebAuthn tests fail with Fission focus code
M4.1 Henri Sivonen (:hsivonen) 1616772 Re-enable browser/base/content/test/fullscreen/browser_bug1557041.js for Fission
M4.1 Henri Sivonen (:hsivonen) 1613717 test_getUserMedia_basicScreenshare.html fails with Fission focus code
M4.1 Henri Sivonen (:hsivonen) 1615544 Re-enable test_videocontrols.html for Fission
M4.1 Henri Sivonen (:hsivonen) 1613031 toolkit/content/tests/mochitest/test_mousecapture.xhtml times out with Fission focus code
M5 Paul Bone [:pbone] 1597154 [Fission] URLs that require external helper apps and/or prompting the user reload content processes forever
M5a Kris Maglione [:kmag] 1576262 Crash in [@ mozilla::dom::BrowsingContext::CanAccess]
M5a Kris Maglione [:kmag] 1616743 Assertion failure: mDocShell (CanAccess() may only be called in the process of the accessing window), at src/docshell/base/BrowsingContext.cpp:741
M5a :Nika Layzell (ni? for response) 1626096 Lock the dom.ipc.processCount.webIsolated pref
M5b :Nika Layzell (ni? for response) 1618992 Improve IPC error reporting for crash in [@ IPCError-browser | CommitFromIPC Invalid Transaction from Child]
M5b Peter Van der Beken [:peterv] 1622420 Can't get top-level WindowContext in the cross-origin iframe
M6 Barret Rennie [:barret] (he/him) 1602918 Collect telemetry on crashes, if one Fission docshell was open
M6 Henri Sivonen (:hsivonen) 1618539 Remove content-process use of nsIFocusManager::GetActiveWindow
M6 Henri Sivonen (:hsivonen) 1620173 WindowHidden reads mActiveWindow from a content process
M6 Julian Descottes [:jdescottes] 1626875 TestTabList used for xpcshell tests should return TabDescriptors dt-fission-m2-mvp
M6 Nicolas Chevobbe [:nchevobbe] 1626286 Cached messages may be rendered in the wrong order dt-fission-m2-mvp
M6 Nicolas Chevobbe [:nchevobbe] 1625084 Display content process pid as we do in Nightly for tab dt-fission-m2-mvp
M6 1618135 [meta] Remove content-process use of nsFocusManager::mActiveWindow
M6 Alexandre Poirot [:ochameau] 1620234 Use the Resources API to fetch console messages dt-fission-m2-mvp
M6 Alexandre Poirot [:ochameau] 1623699 Add tests for against console messages dt-fission-m2-mvp
M6 Alexandre Poirot [:ochameau] 1576624 Introduce Resource API for listening to console messages, sources, ... from all the Targets dt-fission-m2-mvp
M6 Tetsuharu OHZEKI [:tetsuharu] (UTC+9) 1597442 Fix uses of nsJSContext::MaybeRunNextCollectorSlice in dom/base/nsJSEnvironment.cpp [rm-docshell-tree-item:simple]
M6 Tetsuharu OHZEKI [:tetsuharu] (UTC+9) 1597436 Fix uses of nsGlobalWindowOuter::SetNewDocument in dom/base/nsGlobalWindowOuter.cpp [rm-docshell-tree-item:simple]
M6a Julian Descottes [:jdescottes] 1619720 Request favicons directly from tab descriptors dt-fission-m2-mvp
M6a Nicolas Chevobbe [:nchevobbe] 1616301 context switching should refer to target instead of thread dt-fission-m2-mvp

30 Total; 30 Open (100%); 0 Resolved (0%); 0 Verified (0%);