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  • Firefox/Features/Persist Panorama Groups  + (Described in the main bug, but short versi
    Described in the main bug, but short version: When doing actions that indicate that you are making use of Panorama (creating a new group, etc — the same as we use to determine whether to get the Panorama button), we 1) Turn on Session Restore for you, 2) Show an infobar for a few seconds to tell you that we did — in case you really wanted it off.
    we did — in case you really wanted it off.)
  • Features/Firefox/PluginCrashComments  + (Design details and mockups can be found in [ Bug 648675].)
  • Arrow Panel Redesign  + (Design: * Lighter more consistent appeara
    Design: * Lighter more consistent appearance on all platforms * Specific design considerations for various types of panels
  • Identity/Features/NativeSignInToWebsite  + (Desktop Ideas: * *
  • Eliminate redundant title text  + (Documented in bug [ bug 583890].)
  • Convert remaining window-modal dialogs to tab-modal  + (Documented in the bugs mentioned below. *
    Documented in the bugs mentioned below. * HTTP auth [ bug 567804] * Popups blocked [ bug 588317] * XPI install [ bug 588266] * onunload [ bug 588292] bug 588292])
  • Identity/BrowserID/Addon  + (Faaborg's Mockups [ Faaborg's Account Sign In mocks])
  • Marketplace/Features/Country Stores  + (For comparison: * [
    For comparison: * [ Chrome Web Store] - allows changing language and region separately via options cog. Must access using Chrome. * [ Windows Store] - language and region tied but changeable (see Canada) * [ Apple App Store] - developer experience UI
    Apple App Store] - developer experience UI)
  • Services/AndroidSyncFP  + (Here is a diagram/mockups of the Android-side setup and prefs flows: (caution - large image))
  • Fennec/Features/androidcopypaste  + (If we could use the native method, we'd do
    If we could use the native method, we'd do so, so, instead, we have to mimic it, much as we do with the Android Menu. This page here has a description of the behavior:
    '''One-touch word selection and copy/paste'''
    When entering text or viewing a web page, the user can quickly select a word by press-hold, then copy to the clipboard and paste. Pressing on a word enters a free-selection mode — the user can adjust the selection area as needed by dragging a set of bounding arrows to new positions, then copy the bounded area by pressing anywhere in the selection area.

    For text entry, the user can slide-press to enter a cursor mode, then reposition the cursor easily and accurately by dragging the cursor arrow. With both the selection and cursor modes, no use of a trackball is needed.
    Text Overflow We should also consider cases where text flows off the edge of a field, and how to get back to that to make changes. Android's native form fields handle this in two ways, as shown in this mockup: 1. Pressing and holding to activate a cursor, and then dragging that cursor to the edge of the field to scroll text. 2. Dragging the text back and forth through the field, and then long pressing to insert a cursor.
    oll text. 2. Dragging the text back and forth through the field, and then long pressing to insert a cursor.)
  • DevTools/Features/Highlighter  + (In progress mockups are here:
  • Services/Sync/Sync Setup Improvements Mobile  + (Initial UX mock ups. In progress UR Study flow:
  • Firefox/Features/InstallerUIRewrite  + (Initial mockups can be found in [https://b
    Initial mockups can be found in [ bug 651965]. Most recent mockup: Note that after the user clicks install on step 1, even if they walk away Firefox will eventually be installed. This will likely improve conversion, since the stub installer is considerably smaller than the entire Firefox download (and they may lose interest at the download stage). Here's a [ high level view of our previous install process]
    evel view of our previous install process])
  • Reading Mode  + (Initial proposal can be found here:
  • Firefox/Features/Plugin keyboard focus  + (Interaction is described in [ bug 491141].)
  • Firefox/Features/Toolbarless  + (Interaction is described in [ bug 644721].)
  • Firefox/Features/URL Autocomplete  + (Interaction is described in [ bug 566489].)
  • Improve find-in-page  + (Interaction is described in [ bug 566489].)
  • Firefox/Features/Panorama Groups On Demand  + (Interaction is described in [ bug 595601].)
  • Firefox/Features/windows-scrolling  + (Just pixel level scrolling precision, similar to scrolling in Firefox on OS X. Currently on Windows we only do line scrolling.)
  • Platform/Features/WebRTC  + (Latest spec can be viewed here:
  • Features/Firefox Home/Search Recommendations  + (Mockup in progress:
  • Web Apps integration  + (Mockups: * *)
  • Identity/Features/Firefox-native Verified Email Client  + (Mockups: * [ Verified Email (various)] * [ Firefox Account] * [[MozillaID#UX_Mockups|HTML client mockups]] (for reference))
  • Security/Features/HighlightCleartextPasswords  + (Multiple options here. See Open Issues.)
  • Retention measurement  + (NA)
  • Network Down page  + (New Network Down message:<br> [[File:Network-down.png]] <br><br> A Network Down message would require changing the Server not found message:<br> [[File:Server-not-found.png]])
  • Firefox/Features/Chrome migration  + (No change from the current Import Wizard that users already get for importing from the various other browsers.)
  • Privacy/Features/HttpsGoogleSearch  + (No change in UX.)
  • Firefox/Features/keywordurl follows searchbar  + (No designs required for initial use case,
    No designs required for initial use case, simply a "follow-me" function with no additional UI required. As a follow-on/enhancement, it would be a nice-to-have to develop UI within "Manage search engines..." to allow a user to specify a different search engine from the Search Bar for Location Bar searches.
    the Search Bar for Location Bar searches.)
  • Services/Sync/EOL Sync Add On Phase 1  + (No extra UX work is necessary.)
  • Firefox/Features/Media Controls Refresh  + (Previous investigation at [[Firefox/Projects/Video_Controls]])
  • DevTools/Features/ToolsWindow  + (See [
    See [ this presentation] for some design points. The general idea is that the user will be able to pop tools out into windows. Rob also suggested on a [ dev-apps-firefox thread] that tools should be logically grouped so as not to have a huge collection of windows.
    not to have a huge collection of windows.)
  • Click-to-play part II  + (See [ bug 754472].)
  • SearchHijacking  + (See bugs)
  • In-content preferences  + (See these pages for mockups and designs of the new in-content preferences: # #
  • DevTools/Features/EasyAttributeEditing  + (Some discussion of [
    Some discussion of [ putting this functionality in the Infobar] occurred on dev-apps-firefox. [[DevTools/Features/RichInfobar]] was created along those lines, but broken up and replaced by this page and [[DevTools/Features/PseudoClassLock]].
    and [[DevTools/Features/PseudoClassLock]].)
  • DevTools/Features/PseudoClassLock  + (Some discussion of [
    Some discussion of [ putting this functionality in the Infobar] occurred on dev-apps-firefox. [[DevTools/Features/RichInfobar]] was created along those lines, but broken up and replaced by this page and [[DevTools/Features/EasyAttributeEditing]].
  • Features/Desktop/Streamline Feature Selection  + (Some investigatory mock-ups here:
  • Improve display of location bar results  + (Some of the elements we want to improve: *
    Some of the elements we want to improve: * 32x32px icons * Better URL scan-ability * No use of bold, since it shifts the content, * More whitespace * No separator line * Ability to delete entry on hover * Remove scrollbar (height of dropdown increases to show all results returned [same limit]) * Semi-transparent background [[File:LocationBar-Results-i01.jpg|800px|left|thumb|First Design Iteration]] [[File:AwesomeBarResults-16x16-Colored-Border.png|800px|left|thumb|Mockup showing colored border on 16x16 icons]] [[File:AwesomeBarResults-16x16-Gray-Border.png|800px|left|thumb|Mockup showing gray border on 16x16 icons]]
    n 16x16 icons]] <br style="clear:both;" />)
  • DevTools/Features/RichInfobar  + (Stephen Horlander offered the suggestion o
    Stephen Horlander offered the suggestion of putting a + at the end of the highlighter Infobar, and Paul Rouget had the suggestions of the click behavior on existing Infobar elements. * double-clicking the tag name or ID switches the label to a text box for editing. * classes and pseudo-classes can be toggled by clicking on them in the Infobar. If the user switches to another page element and then back after turning off a class, that class will be gone from the Infobar. * Clicking the + displays a text field with placeholder text along the lines of :pseudo, #id, or .class. * If the user types :, it would the field would contain ":active, focus, hover, visited, ..." with all of the text but the ":" selected. * ":a", ":h", etc. should autocomplete to the supported pseudo-classes * if the user starts the field with anything but "#", "." or ":" the field should turn red (or otherwise show the error state) * if the user types "#" and the node has an ID, the existing ID should be placed in the field, preselected with the cursor after the #
    in the field, preselected with the cursor after the #)
  • Improve Panorama interactions  + (The designs are mostly smaller interaction
    The designs are mostly smaller interaction problems and confusing conceptual models. We have filed bugs for the individual issues (see the relevant bug section below), but overall, these are the issues we're addressing: '''Must-have:''' *You can't click a group to activate the whole group (Creating a new group and clicking in it should just create a blank new tab) (Don't show the drag cursor on groups now that entering the group is the dominant operation. Dragging could still work, of course.) (Remove New Tab button) *When creating a new group, autofocus the title field (also for creating groups by dragging) *Tabs should not be able to exist without a group *A "new group" control *An exit control *A text field to filter instead of the search icon '''Nice-to-have:''' *Multiselect is not supported in groups *Blank groups with no name get removed, shouldn't '''Stuff we are undecided about or don't know current state of:''' *Never show me groups when I haven't asked (closing the last tab in a group, Aero Peek) *Minimize need for manual positioning and grouping *Groups from Panorama could show in List All Tabs — but we should probably just show the group names, not individual tabs. Related: bug 596017 '''Fixed:''' *FIXED: Private mode ungroups your tabs *FIXED: When you close the last tab in a group, you automatically get sent to another open group, is this what we want? *FIXED: Hitting Cmd-W when in panorama removes the selected tab, which is unexpected (it feels like a window operation at that point) *WONTFIX: You can't detach a group to a window *FIXED: Text editing doesn't support arrow keys
    D: Text editing doesn't support arrow keys)
  • Security/Features/CA pinning functionality  + (The draft recommends that users have ways
    The draft recommends that users have ways of querying which domains are pinned. We need to consider whether we think this is necessary and, if so, how to do it. (Perhaps integrated with the history view?) No UI will be provided to change the enforcement level. If site access is denied, we will need a screen explaining why. (There will be no override, as per spec.) We should already have mechanisms for clearing stored HSTS information when the user clears their history; pin information should go with it.
    istory; pin information should go with it.)
  • Services/Sync/Push to device  + (The following are needed from UX: * How d
    The following are needed from UX: * How do we trigger the feature? ** Context menu when cursor over link? ** Context menu anywhere on page? ** Context menu on tab in tab browser? ** Other? * Shortcut key(s) for above? * Images (for mobile) for above * What is the wording for above? * What does the design of the above look like ** Do we have sub-menu's listing target devices? ** Do we have a modal window/pane? ** Limited to sending to 1 device? * What's the behavior if Sync is not configured? * What's the behavior if multiple devices are not configured? * This will likely be the first time device names are seen by most users (currently buried in Sync preferences). Will that cause any issues? ** Poor device naming ** Orphaned/unused devices ** etc * What happens when a browser receives a link? ** Is new tab opened automatically? *** Does it gain focus? * What do we do if the receiver receives a HTTP redirect or URI change (via JavaScript)? ** A user having sent form data between devices might be upset that the page redirected to a mobile or desktop version and lost the form data. This isn't technically Firefox's fault, but it may be perceived as that. Should the browser consider detecting this and informing the user as such? i.e. "we did what you wanted but the site didn't preserve all your (important) data." * Anything else Some questions may require separate answers for separate form factors.
    eparate answers for separate form factors.)
  • Security/Features/TLS Telemetry  + (The study uses the default Telemetry UI/UX. The only code changes are to add more probes. Histogram names / descriptions may need to be localized.)
  • Speedy Session Restore  + (The user is notified of the first default
    The user is notified of the first default session restore by an infobar that says something like: "Firefox has restored your previous browsing session. If you want, you can change this behavior." And has a button labeled "Configure", which opens the preference window to the General tab.
    the preference window to the General tab.)
  • AddonSDKCryptoAPI  + (There *may* be a single prompt (to ask for an initial passphrase or an occasional re-typing of this passphrase) that UX will need to give input on. TBD. This is based on current prototype designs, and may not be an issue at all.)
  • Features/Mobile/Android Firefox Widget  + (There are a couple of patterns for the des
    There are a couple of patterns for the design of Android widgets in Froyo and Gingerbread, though also a lot of custom designs; in Honeycomb, there are more forms that are more standard. One issue to resolve is how the tablet version of this differs from the phone version. There is more value more quickly to the phone version, I think, in that users seem more likely to pass through the home screen before each new task (i.e. app switching is less well known). === Phone Design=== The following are two variants of the simplest possible Firefox widget, depending on whether we could tie in voice control. [] A further possibility is that the widget could be host to icons for sites that the user has designated as apps in Firefox on the phone and/or on other machines (they'd show up here via sync, in that case). This set could also include icons for installed web apps, if we don't want to put those directly on the desktop. [] The following in the task flow for using the minimal version of the widget. In all cases, including the variant with app icons, tapping on a link to the web will bring up the tapped site in Firefox. [mockup goes on for a bit horizontally >> ] [] === tablet variant === * TDB!
    640ae20d_b.jpg] === tablet variant === * TDB!)
  • Fennec/Features/disc  + (There are several different concepts we ca
    There are several different concepts we can explore for first-run discoverability, as well as a few other ideas that might aid discoverability while the users are in product. ==== '''First-run Concepts''' ==== '''Idea #1:''' The idea here would be to show the user a walk-through video with a dummy hand. This would be the most failsafe idea because we would show users exactly how to operate the UI. The negative here, is that it is very heavy-handed and assumes that our users don't know how to operate a touchscreen. '''Idea #2:''' Essentially the same as idea #1, except we wouldn't show the dummy hand. '''Idea #3:''' The idea here would be to take out any extraneous elements of the tutorial, such as the hands and/or notes. This idea is necessary because the notes are going to be hard to localize. '''Idea #4:''' This idea is basically the same as #3, except we show the sidebar coming out of the same time. The advantage here is that it is much quicker, however it illustrates a state of the why they can never actually happened. '''''UX Recommendation: Idea #3''''' ==== Additional Concepts ==== '''Translucent Sidebars:''' One of the reasons the sidebars are so hard to find is because they are pinned all the way to the side of the webpage. In addition to discoverability, this is also a problem because the user has to move away from the spot in the page they're currently looking at just to get to the sidebars. The idea here is that an "accelerator gesture", such as a double finger swipe, will bring a sidebar out in a translucent state. This would not conflict with the way the sidebars usually act. As you can see from the video, as the user swipes to the side, the translucency goes away. '''New tab animation:''' Another discoverability problem that we have is that users don't know where their tabs are. We could add "new tab" to the android menu. When the users opens a new tab from the android menu, we would show this interstitial animation that would message to the user where their new tab resides.
    e to the user where their new tab resides.)
  • Security/Features/SameDomainCookie  + (There should be little or no user-visible associated with this feature.)