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  • Tips
  • All drupal modules that we currently use have been migrated to Drupal 6 with imagecache, block theme & taxonomy role in advanced BETA

Getting Started

  • Read the developer tips
  • Find a bug
  • Check out the code from SVN
  • Create a patch of your code changes and attach it to the bug
  • Request review for your patch
  • Commit your patch

Stage database refresh

We have a hook that will update the spreadfirefox.stage.m.c with the most current production database. see bug 434548

That hook will also clean the database of private information.

  • all accounts have the password is pass
  • a generic admin account is created, username is test.admin
  • see the clean_db script

Email rerouting

All email is rerouted using the Reroute email module, to sfx.stage@mozilla.com