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Meta bug for Startup Experience:

Below are Issues regarding the Startup Experience, these are in order of prioritization.

Unnecessary Dialogs

Add-ons: Mossop, FF updates: Rob Strong

There are many unnecessary dialogs that get in the way when starting up. Here are some ways to improve this experience.

  • Firefox updates should be done in the background. These updates should not cause new tabs or dialogs, but should rather use the new home tab for messages.
  • Add-ons should update in the background as well as check for updates in the background. New tabs should not be created for this, but these messages could go on the home tab (like the Firefox updates).

Add-ons Performance

Talk to Nick Nguyen from AMO about what they are doing here.

Talk to Jinghua/Jono (Test Pilot) on whether there's a way to measure startup performance and correlate it with a list of add-ons (especially for 3.6.x users) to identify which add-ons add to startup time would be fantastic.

We need to check the performance of the top 10 add-ons, especially AdBlock/FlashBlock to ensure that they are not causing unnecessary startup times.

(Faaborg has a video showing that the Ebay Highlighter add-on adds 30 seconds to our startup time)

Session Restore

zpao & dolske should probably be main contacts here.

Restoring sessions has numerous issues — it makes the browser feel unresponsive, makes people unlikely to want to restart their browser, and we ask a questions about it on exit, getting in your way.

Here are some things we can do to alleviate these problems:

  • Cascading loading of tabs, we shouldn't try to load 30 tabs in parallel — have a threshold of how many tabs are loaded at once, and switch priority on-the-fly if another tab is refocused. (zpao might have a patch for this already)

Time to First Action

Another part of the startup experience is how fast you can complete your first action — a search, entering a URL, etc.

Things we can do to make this experience better:

Progress Bar

Talk to Shorlander and Dao?

Here are some things we should be doing to make the progress bar better.

  • The active tab should have a fast, very visible progress bar located within the location bar.
    • Champion: Stephen Horlander
    • Bug: awaiting mockups

Window Rendering

Possibly Rob Arnold or Jim Mathis knows who to talk to

There are many ways in which we render pixels which cause the startup experience to feel slow. Here are some ways to improve.

(need: a video showing the differences in rendering between chrome/safari and Firefox)

  • Closing a window with lots of tabs is slow, can we hide the window, then destroy it?
  • Opening a new window is slow, is there something we can do here?
  • Closing a tab is sometimes slow — can we hide the tab, then do the destruction after it's gone from view?

Broken Profiles

sdwilsh has goal to get dirty profile within 20% of clean profile.

Limi has ~10 profiles coming in via the Reddit thread: