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Meeting Details

  • Meeting time: Wednesday, April 11 at 1 PM Pacific
  • Video: David's vidyo room (use this link for guest access)
  • Audio: If video doesn't work, call +1 800 707 2533, pin 369 - conf 99296
  • Back channel: #mozillians


  • Update on dashboards:
    • Scheduling meeting with Pedro and Paulo about enhancement ideas for dashboards (bug 729703) -- we'll need to meet earlier for this around 10 pacific
    • Making those dashboards public is ongoing
  • Dietrich to discuss ReMo collaboration discussion with William in Toronto
  • Filed docs bugs based on feedback from new contributor: bug 737742 (Introduction), bug 737728 (build speed), bug 737734 (creating a patch)
    • jdm idea of creating a survey to use for contacting more contributors for feedback
  • Q1 2012 Gfx mentored bugs update, demographics:
    • Marco Castelluccio
      • has already 30 patches in, oldest from Jul 20, 2011
      • bug 699258, skia on windows
      • bug 702158, skia on linux
    • Andrew Quartey (drexler)
      • has already 15 patches in, oldest from Nov 20, 2011
      • bug 710594, webgl memory reporters improvements
      • bug 731836, webgl llvmpipe work (ongoing)
    • Thomas Prip Vestergaard (prip)
      • has already 8 patches in, oldest from Dec 7, 2011
      • bug 710992: bad memset in pixman
    • Matias Juntunen (dwarfcrank)
      • has already 7 patches in, oldest from Mar 21, 2012
      • bug 738867, webgl uint index extension
      • bug 743475, security bug
    • Florian Boesch (__doc__, pyalot)
      • bug 728354, webgl anisotropic filtering extension
      • contributes more at the level of public_webgl list
    • Hugh Nougher
    • Stephen Perry
  • Anything else?

Action Items

  • David to schedule meeting with Metrics for next week to walk through enhancement ideas. Everyone please get feedback in before then to bug 729703.
  • Jared joined the call and is interested in helping as a liaison to academic institutions. He'll be getting up to speed on things to start.
  • We should do some thinking on measuring how the new email for people who've had their first patch approved is working and audit other opportunities like this, for instance when submitting your first patch.
  • Josh to blog about mentored bugs and present a lightning talk at upcoming Weekly Meeting.
  • Mike to present at future meeting more about his idea for a contribution arc that new contributors can follow.