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Meeting Details

  • Meeting time: Wednesday, April 18 at 1 PM Pacific
  • Video: David's vidyo room (use this link for guest access)
  • Audio: If video doesn't work, call +1 800 707 2533, pin 369 - conf 99296
  • Back channel: #mozillians


  • Update on dashboards:
    • Notes from meeting with Pedro and Paulo about enhancement ideas for dashboards (bug 729703)
    • Making those dashboards public is ongoing
  • Webdev's new dynamic Get Involved page using bugzilla-mediawiki extension
    • Would something like this for coding be helpful? Could show all open mentored bugs according to different coding areas?
  • Dietrich to discuss ReMo collaboration discussion with William in Toronto
  • Filed docs bugs based on feedback from new contributor: bug 737742 (Introduction), bug 737728 (build speed), bug 737734 (creating a patch)
    • jdm idea of creating a survey to use for contacting more contributors for feedback
  • Anything else?

Action Items

  • Brian and Josh to evaluate API from Metrics when that's available.
  • Dietrich to work on job/role descriptions for community manager and academic liaison. Will share the academic liaison role description with William Q to see if a Mozilla Rep would be a good fit.
  • David to file bug about creating a dashboard to show information about patch approved emails.