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Maria is a student in an open online course. Each week she has to complete the weekly assignment and post it on her blog. Her teacher John has pointed out that when posting the assignment on the blog the students should also link to John's blog post that contained the assignment. This way people who read student's blog can also find the course blog that the assignments are related to.

All this links appear in John's blog as a pingback comments to his post with the weekly assignment. EduFeedr can use this information to display the progress that students have made. There is a diagram that shows how many assignments the students have completed. John can easily see that Maria has completed all assignments except the most recent. Several people in the course are one or two weeks behind the schedule.

Maria has some problems with installing the software that is required for doing this week’s assignment. She will post a short message describing the problems that occurred. She will tag her blog post with a tag "urgent". John has agreed with the students that they can use certain tags (including "urgent") to categorize blog posts that need a response.

When John is visiting the EduFeedr he can see that Maria has a blog post that needs an urgent feedback. He will read about the problem and post a link to the guidelines that should help Maria.

Questions about the scenario

  • Did the scenario wake-up any thoughts?
  • Is there something you would like to change in the scenario?
  • Are there techical limitations that make this scenario impossible with current blogging platforms (Blogger,

Comments from the readers

I'm not sure if this is relevant or helpful, but there is a system that aggregates stuff in a similar way for educational conferences. One thing it does that seems pretty useful is to auto-generate standard tags for everyone to use. (There are other things about it that don't work so well, but it is interesting at any rate.) Here is a link if you want to look at it:

Kfasimpaur 02:06, 5 May 2009 (UTC)