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Join our global movement to teach the world to code

Help the world learn to code this summer. Add your education, coding or webmaking programs to Mozilla's Summer Code Party. It's all about open web technologies + maker spirit. Helping people make something amazing, then publishing and sharing it through the open web.

The goal: empower everyday people around the world to learn the basics of coding and webmaking. Making and building together. Through a mix of big and small events, great resources, and leading partners like you.

Sound interesting? Please let us know how you'd like to be involved.

How can your organization get involved?

Mozilla Summer Code Party t-shirt.png


  • Organize an event as part of the global "Weekend of Code" on June 23-24. Add your events to others happening around the world.
  • Plug your events into our campaign and web platform all summer long. We'll promote your events and activities on our Summer Code Party web site (coming soon), in our social media and press outreach, and to the global Mozilla community.


  • Teach webmaking using your tools, content and volunteers. We can help you create learning missions and curriculum around your existing content.
  • Use our materials to teach your own community. We've got kits, starter projects and curriculum you can use to help your community level up and sharpen their skills.


  • Promote the campaign to your own community. No matter who you are, you can reach people who'd love to take part.

How can Mozilla help?

  • Materials. We've got greater learning tools, resources and starter kits to help you teach and learn together.
  • Help with hosting your own event(s). Our event kit provides step-by-step help for organizing events big or small.
  • Promotion and reach. We'll reach out to press and the Mozilla community to spread the word about what you're doing.


What are other partners doing?

What's in scope? What kind of learning?

Open web technologies + maker spirit. It's all about "webmaking" -- teaching coding basics through practical, hands-on projects. With a big emphasis on the open web. For example...

  • Inviting your team or community members to act as mentors and volunteers. Have volunteers  mentor learners at small workshops and learning events.
  • Make your blog more awesome. Tweak your Tumblr or WordPress blog by customizing the HTML and CSS in your templates, using Mozilla tools and how to's to make it easier.
  • Make a web page. Just started something with your friends (a band, club, etc.)? Use Mozilla tools to create a web presence you really *made* for yourselves.
  • Make an interactive video. Take any video on the web and supercharge it by adding pop-ups, commentary and interactivity, with tools like Mozilla Popcorn.
  • Host your own informal teach-in. Invite teens to gather around a kitchen table and do a Mozilla Hackasaurus mission, sharing what you make together.
  • "Webify" something. Take a story or blog post and mark it up using HTML.
  • Go deeper.  Create a killer app, new web site, or web-based game.

How do we get started? What's the next step?