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Hackasaurussupergirl.png Summer Code Party Roadmap
Owner: Ben Simon, Michelle Thorne Updated: 2012-04-20
Summer webmaking campaign

About this Campaign

This summer, Mozilla will be organizing a learning & making campaign – our Summer Code Party – targeted primarily at young people, to get them to use the summer to start becoming web makers -- teaching them to code in a fun, engaging, and somewhat informal way, as a pathway to making cool stuff on the web.

It'll look a lot like a cross between a "day of action" that a political organization might run, but crossed with a very different type of event and goal.

The campaign will:

  • Focus on learning through making, letting participants take something they're passionate about and use that as a fun vehicle for learning.
  • Launch on June 23 with a Kickoff Weekend of Code to focus activities and provide participants something larger that they'll be a part of.
  • Be open to anyone who wants to participate, and inclusive of many different toolsets (events will not be solely focused on Mozilla software).
  • Provide badges for participation and follow-through.
  • Be a collaborative experience, where people can share what they've made, and be inspired by what others have done (and then hack it).

Useful links and context






Campaign goals

  • Begin to teach thousands of people to code
    • This campaign won't transform participants into experts overnight, but it should give them a taste of what's possible and provide a clear path to learning/making more
  • Grow interest in and awareness of Mozilla's webmaking initiatives and offerings
  • Show web makers that they're part of a much larger movement and story, and provide a pathway for them to engage over the long-term
  • Build a community of partners and community-based instructors that Mozilla can work with beyond this campaign

Get involved

This will become much more fleshed-out over time, but if you'd like to get make sure you hear more about the campaign, please sign up here -- anyone who wants to teach others to code is more than welcome to be a part of it:

If your organization would like to partner with us on this, please email Ben Simon at bsimon at mozillafoundation dot org


  • Exec lead: Erin Knight
  • Program manager / event design lead: Michelle Thorne
  • Organizing and partnership lead: Ben Simon
  • Partnership triage / content support: John Bevan
  • Learning content lead: Jess Klein
  • Platform lead: Ross Bruniges
  • Communications and branding: Matt Thompson

Task list

Weekly to do's:

  • Branding for our webmakers initiative in general, and the day in particular
  • Event curriculum
  • Event platform (being sketched out already as a separate process, but acts as a blocker for this campaign)
  • How we'll want to report back & facilitate telling the story of the day
    • Gallery for people to post what they've made
    • Badges earned through participating?
  • Followup actions
  • Partners
  • Event testing


While the schedule is still up in the air, we'll need a public campaign launch at least 5-6 weeks before the actual day. This roadmap is to allow a mid-June day of webmaking.


  • Event platform process underway
  • Curriculum design for informal events completed for testing
  • How-to's for informal events completed for testing
  • Legal & privacy reviews of event plans begun
  • Test kitchen tables & hack jams scheduled for April
  • Videographer(s)/photographer(s) secured to document the test events
  • Begin partner outreach


  • Event platform completed, submitted for QA/testing by the end of the month
  • Test events happen, feedback incorporated into how-to's, curriculum, and agenda
    • March 28 - April 15: Betatest I: X-Ray Goggles Kitchen Table
    • April 17 - Betatest Debrief Call
  • Promo video for the campaign is begun using footage/photos from test events
    • Confirm if Webmaker video can serve this purpose (Matt T)
  • Legal/privacy concerns addressed about gathering materials from events
  • Webmaker and campaign branding finalized
  • Main partners secured


  • Events platform launched
  • Betatest II: kitchen tables and learning projects
  • Campaign event creation pages launched
  • Campaign video launched
  • Final how-to's, curriculum & agenda design tools launched
  • Press & media outreach to promote the campaign
  • Report back gallery infrastructure launched


  • Day of Webmaking takes place
  • Other events during the month are fit under broader campaign umbrella
  • Day-of content page (for social media filtering so people can have a real-time conversation during the events) launches
  • Public gallery launches
  • Badges for the day/summer activities launched
  • End-of-summer events announced/scheduled for Hives & Moz Spaces; how-to for other cities also available
  • Report back to all reachable attendees with event content + request for feedback


  • Collect documentation, feedback on campaign & events
  • Encourage continued kitchen tabling
  • Planning for end-of-summer events


  • End-of-summer events in Hive & Moz Spaces


  • Mozilla Festival in London, bringing in leaders, participants, experiences from campaign.




  • Platform4, Christian Villum



  • LadiesLearningCode



  • Mozilla Japan



  • Alina Mierlus



  • Young Rewired State


New York City

  • Hive NYC

San Francisco

Other groups to contact

Folks doing grassroots teaching and mentoring

Computing at Schools Conference]. 14th 15th June - Birmingham University - Computer Science Department. 

Folks that let you customize your templates:

  • tumblr
  • mailchimp
  • wordpress (paid only), etc.
  • drupal, joomla, etc.

Folks who promote building/making things:

Top APIs: (def more advanced)

  • Google maps
  • Twitter
  • flickr
  • Google charts
  • Dig

Cousins" of webmaking:

  • Scratch
  • App Inventor
  • Kodu


  • Nominet
  • British Telecom
  • TV Ontario

... plus grassroots partners like Ladies Learning Code as the  starting point.