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WE HAVE A NEW SUMMER CODE PARTY WEB SITE: https://webmaker.org/events


photo by @jonlim

WE HAVE A NEW SUMMER CODE PARTY WEB SITE: https://webmaker.org/events

We're building a generation of webmakers. First step: invite people everywhere to MEET up to MAKE something cool and LEARN how the code behind the web works. It's called the Summer Code Party and it starts June 23rd.

Mozilla and dozens of others orgs are getting together to make this happen. Here's how you join in:

1. MEET with friends or go to an event.
2. MAKE something cool on the web.
3. LEARN how the web gets made.

Want to create a prettier template for your blog? Or make your latest You Tube video cooler? Or just learn a bit of HTML by remixing your favorite web page? We'll have tools, tutorials and activities to help.

To join the Party as an individual, sign up here
To join the Party as a partner organization, add your name to the list here

What's happening?

What? Meetups and events where you learn how to make things for the web. learn more
When? June 23 - Sept 23, kicking off with a Global Weekend of Code. calendar
Where? Anywhere. Your kitchen table. Your office. Your local library.
Why? We believe everyone should know how to create and code on the web.
How? Organize a meet-up. Volunteer to teach. Or become a partner. learn more

Who's coming to the party?

(*) = pending final confirmation / please keep list alphabetical

Add your org to the list or read our Partner Kit

See also: FAQ and Planning