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2008 Firefox+ Summit
The 2008 Firefox Summit is an invitation-only gathering of some of the most active contributors in the Mozilla community. The purpose is to discuss the future of Firefox. If you have any questions, please e-mail

Share your Summit Adventures! We'd love to hear your stories

Date & Location

The summit will take place in Whistler, British Columbia, Canada at the Westin Whistler Resort & Spa from July 28th to August 1st, 2008.

Agenda & Sessions

Attending sessions

Please move freely between the scheduled sessions listed on the agenda, but be respectful of the other attendees and try not to make a lot of noise as you come and go.

The Session Schedule may change throughout the summit, so check back often.

IRC channel

We've set up #moz08 on for discussion about the summit. Feel free to join and hang out with other attendees!

Mozilla Memories

In celebration of the Mozilla Project's 10th Anniversary, a room will be set up for the duration of the Summit where you'll be able to record your memories and reflections for the Mozilla Memories project.

Respecting Privacy & Culture

Not everyone wants to have their picture on the web. If someone asks you not to take a picture of them, or to have a picture you've taken removed from the web, please respect their wishes.

Also, be aware that English is not the first language of all attendees. Take the time to make sure that everyone is being included in your conversations and interactions so that we can all get the most out of the Summit!

How should I tag photos, links, tweets and videos about the event?

  • flickr: tag your photos "moz08"
  • twitter: send tweets to "@moz08"
  • tag your links with "moz08"
  • YouTube: tag your videos with "moz08"

How can I keep track of everyone's photos, links, tweets and videos?

Keep track of everything that's happening at the Summit though:

Getting to and from the Summit

Arriving at Vancouver International Airport

If you're flying from outside of Canada
You'll be handed a Declaration Card on your flight. Fill out this card out before you land:
  • the purpose of your travel is "Business",
  • declare any gifts, alcohol, or tobacco that you are bringing into the country,
  • you do not need to declare personal baggage such as your computer, camera, and clothing as long as you're taking it with you when you leave.
When you arrive at the airport, follow the signs for "Canada Arrivals" to Canada Customs and Immigration. Hand your Declaration Card and Passport to the officer, and explain that you are visiting for a conference in Whistler, BC. If they ask for evidence of your invitation to the conference, produce the Pocket Letter that Mozilla sent you. The officer will mark and return your card and direct you to the baggage claim. Collect your bags and exit the Customs Hall, turning in your marked Declaration Card to the officer at the doors.
If you're flying from within Canada
If you're coming from within Canada, simply proceed to the baggage claim from your gate once you arrive.

Bus to Whistler

If you're arriving on Sunday July 27th or Monday July 28th...
Once you've collected your luggage, follow the signs towards the exit while looking for people holding signs with the Mozilla Logo. These porters will help you with your luggage and escort you to your waiting transportation.
If you're already in Vancouver...
For those who have been spending time in Vancouver before the summit, there will be a shuttle bus leaving from the Sheraton Wall Centre in downtown Vancouver at 1:00pm on Monday, July 28th. If you want to book a complimentary seat on this shuttle, please contact Darryl Wheeler immediately.
If you run into trouble or delays ...

If you are delayed (by your flight, lost luggage, or any other challenge) in your arrival on Sunday or Monday, please call Darryl Wheeler (+1 604 612 6783) to ensure that your travel is rescheduled on the next available shuttle.

If you're coming up before Sunday or after Monday...
You must schedule your own travel on the Whistler Express at your own expense.

Arriving at the Hotel

When your bus arrives at the Westin Hotel in Whistler you should proceed to the check-in desk where you'll be given keys to your room. Use Monday as a day to relax and get used to your surroundings, as we start first thing Tuesday morning!

  • the first person to check in to a room will be asked for a credit card as a deposit against damage and room charges; attendees are responsible for all room charges such as room service, pay per view content, minibar charges and any damage.
  • The Westin Hotel is an entirely non smoking hotel, and British Columbia law prohibits smoking near any balconies or entrance ways. The staff will be able to direct smokers to areas where they are welcome to smoke.

Returning home

Bus to Vancouver Airport
Schedule your departure time with the staff at the Summit Hospitality Desk in front of the Emerald Conference Room at the Westin Hotel in Whistler. Remember that the trip can take 2 to 3 hours with construction.

PLEASE NOTE: Our transportation services co-ordinator is in pretty constant contact with the British Columbia road and transportation authority, and ensuring that people will be getting back on time. If you're panicked and want to talk to someone, find Dan or Darryl

Departing Vancouver Airport for the USA
You will be departing from the International Terminal. You will have to clear US Customs at the airport before your flight, so be sure to leave yourself enough time to stand in line. It's recommended that you arrive at the airport 90-120 minutes before your flight to avoid potential delays. Most airlines will allow you to check-in online 24 hours before your flight.
Departing Vancouver Airport for other countries
You will be departing from the International Terminal. If you are checking baggage, you will need to arrive 90-120 minutes before your flight. Most airlines will allow you to check-in online 24 hours before your flight.
Departing Vancouver Airport for Canadian cities
You will be departing from the Domestic Terminal. If you are checking baggage, you will need to arrive 60 minutes before your flight. You can check in up to 24 hours before your flight.

Logistics At the Summit

Food & Drink

There are scheduled breakfasts, lunches and dinners Monday night to Friday morning, available at no cost to attendees. Any other food or drink expenses (including room service and in-room minibar charges) are at the expense of the attendee.

The legal drinking age in British Columbia is 19, and all attendees are expected to adhere to this law.


Free wifi is available throughout the hotel during the summit. The SSID is datavalet-Westin and is on at all times.

Mobile Phones

Please be aware that when you are in Canada your phones will be subject to voice and data roaming charges, the cost of which depends on your service provider. Cell phone rates tend to be high in Canada, so you may wish to ensure that your device is not set to roam by default in order to prevent a large bill.

FIDO and Rogers sell pre-paid SIM cards, but often charge for the card, as well as an activation fee, as well as the airtime credit.

Other Activities

While there's plenty to do at the Summit, there's also a lot to do in Whistler. Pubs, shops, nature trails and excursions are all available nearby.


What if I want to come early or stay late?

Please note that any costs (hotel, food, bus, etc) associated with an extended stay will be at the attendee's own expense.

  • Mozilla has negotiated preferred rates with Westin Hotels for those who wish to extend their stay:
  • If you will be making your own way to Whistler (before the summit) or from Whistler (after the summit) you will want to book a ticket on the Whistler Express

What should I bring?

  • Clothing: During the summer months, Whistler will be variable, with average high/low temperatures of 22°C/8°C (72°F/46°F). Dressing in layers is recommended, as is having sweaters or jackets for the evenings.
  • Money: Canadian currency can be obtained from automatic teller machines and currency exchange booths. The Canadian dollar is worth approximately 1 USD, 0.5 GBP, and 0.6 EUR. American currency is also widely accepted in Whistler.

Do I have to pay taxes on purchases?

In Canada, all goods and services are subject to a 5% federal Goods and Services Tax (called GST) which is charged at point of sale. In British Columbia, there is an additional Provincial Sales Tax (PST):

  • goods and services except for food and medicine at 7%
  • alcohol at 10%

Non-residents can no longer get their sales tax payments reimbursed due to a new law passed in 2007.

Are there really bears?

Yes. Black bears are common to British Columbia, and live in the nearby woods. Some have become used to foraging into town for food. If hiking nearby, you should make sure that all food is well wrapped. If you see a bear, it's likely not going to be interested in you, so don't panic. Usually if you make a lot of noise it will go away.

Convenience / Grocery Store

A grocery store is located at 4211 village square, number 27 on the Whistler Walking Map. Open 8am to 11pm daily.


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