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Question: Are prices in Canada inclusive or exclusive tax?

Answer: Prices are exclusive of taxes and surcharges. In Canada, all goods and services are subject to a 5% federal Goods and Services Tax (called GST) which is charged at point of sale. In British Columbia, there is an additional provincial sales tax (PST):

  • goods and services except for food and medicine at 7%
  • alcohol at 10%

Non residents can collect their receipts and submit a claim at the airport when leaving the country to be compensated for the GST and PST collected during their stay. Look for "Tax-Free" signs and brochures.

Thunderbird translators?

Question: Are Thunderbird translators not considered contributers to the Mozilla Project?

Answer: Dan Portillo from Mozilla wrote:

Thunderbird translators are very much part of the Mozilla project. However, this is a primarily a Firefox Summit and we tried to include everyone that was critical to shipping Firefox 3, which includes translators. There are some members of the Thunderbird community coming, but not many. I hope that we will be able to have a larger event sometime in the future.

Sessions Materials

Question: Will any form of sessions materials (like slides, audio transcripts, or even better, video recordings) be made available at a central place for those who didn't get to attend the Summit, or were at other simultaneous sessions?