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Notes from Foundation 2.0 Session at Firefox+ Summit

July 30, 2008

During the Firefox 2.0 Summit, the Mozilla Foundation staff organized a session to ask three questions about future priorities for the Foundation:

  • What's worth doing?
  • What are you passionate about?
  • What could we do right now?

About 40 people attended, offering their opinions. At the end, people were told to write the one idea that they thought was most promising on an index card. The following is a list of the cards that were handed in. Some are more clear and concrete than others.


  • Align with other key 'social enterprises' that are synergistic with Mozilla's values as a way to increas the web of participation, community alignment and consistent voice.
  • Improve community engagement and development.
  • Improve intra-project communications particularly related to more peripheral aspects of the project.
  • Create a public and open Mozilla Community directory or CRM system so that people can contact each other.
  • Open source education with Mozilla as a focus.
  • Support open conten creators and projects (eg. open street maps).
  • Work with governments on policy.
  • Work on standards and protocols (social networking, open ID, RSS, mail, address book export).
  • Bill of Rights for Internet Users (control own data, access and reuse public data).
  • Seal of approval for open server technologies.
  • Support open data providers (e.g. open street map).
  • Articulate. Communicate. Organize.
  • Broad strategic focus: disruptive social development model, spreading disruptive change to engable new models.
  • Giving the 'outer ring' (the user community) a better, clearer, empowered relationship with the Foundation.
  • Interconnecting with other open source communities (via liasons, PR, etc.)
  • Monitoring community health and activity to make sure the 'left hand knows what the right hand is doing'.