Summit2008/Sessions/Proposals/1.9.1 Progress & Updates

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Session Title

1.9.1 Progress Updates And Culling

Session Leaders

Damon Sicore et al.


How are we doing on 1.9.1? What items are at risk? Who is doomed? What should we cut?

This will be a very loose session where people should feel to bring up specific issues they may be concerned about. We'll call on each of the functional teams to talk about items they may be concerned about as well as what they might be particularly excited about.


  • Meet the contribs. Stand up!
  • What's 1.9.1?
    • We planned early on what items might make the release.
    • It's time based.
    • Features should be done by August 14th
    • If something something isn't going to make it, we'll slide it into the next release: 1.9.2.
      • 1.9.1 is an experiment to increase pace at which we do releases.
      • We should discuss 1.9.2 being a continuation of the quick release pattern.
      • This way, it doesn't take a year to get your feature into a release.
  • State of 1.9.1 items
    • Come prepared to give a one-paragraph summary of the state of your work items and what needs to be done (by you or others) to finish them
    • Add your items here
    • SVG+HTML effects [roc]
    • white-space:pre-line [roc]
    • Docshell reparenting [bz]
    • External resource references [bz]
    • CSS @font-face [jdaggett]
    • HTML transforms [kschwarz]
    • Video/audio [doublec]
    • SMIL [dholbert]
    • border-radius [zwol]
    • multiple backgrounds? [zwol]
    • Acid3 bugs [roc,smaug,...]
    • workers [bent]
    • speculative parsing+loads [mrbkap]
    • localStorage [dcamp]
    • opportunistic offline caching [dcamp]
    • imagelib improvements [joedrew]
    • canvas improvements (text, shadows, spec compat) [ebutler]
    • gfx performance optimizations [vlad,others]
    • CMS optimization [bholley]
    • win32 vista look and feel -- Glass [robarnold]
    • Cross-site XMLHttpRequest [sicking]
    • Session History Web API [sicking]
    • Cocoa NPAPI event model [josh]
    • Microformats - parser updates [mkaply]
    • Native JSON [sayrer]

  • What stuff likely won't make it
    • SVG fonts
    • hardware gfx accel [vlad]
  • Who is doomed?
    • Who feels their work is at risk?
    • Decide whether to cut or get help