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Presenters: Jesse Ruderman

Cancelled. I'll give a "Tips and tricks for searching Bugzilla" lightning talk instead.

I'd still like to discuss some of these things, but I couldn't figure out how to turn them into a coherent talk:

  • Components of triage
    • Finding dups
    • Reducing testcases
    • Finding regression ranges
    • Finding the right developers (or UI people) to CC
  • How can we improve Bugzilla workflow?
    • "This bug needs a reduced testcase", "This bug needs feedback from the reporter", etc.
  • How can we turn more community members into productive bug triagers?
    • Point out that lots of the current core Mozilla developers and QA people started out as triagers. (Well, at least I did!) It's a great way to get acquainted with the project and help out, and doesn't require too much knowledge.
  • Should we encourage developers to triage their own components heavily? Or encourage developers to work with triagers somehow for whole-component triage?