Summit2008/Sessions/Proposals/Moving the SVG implementation Forward

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Session Title

Moving Mozilla's SVG implementation forward

Session Leaders

Jonathan Watt (jwatt), Tim Rowley (tor), Robert Longson (longsonr)


A significant amount of work remains to be done before Mozilla's SVG implementation will come close to being a full implementation of any SVG recommendation (Full or Mobile). There are also some serious memory and performance issues that need to be resolved. The aim of this session will be to help us figure out how to move towards a complete and high quality implementation as efficiently as possible, given our limited resources.

Should we also spend time on the issue of SVG adoption? Separate session?


  • Summary of the current status of the SVG implementation
  • ...
  • New contributors - what brings them in, what puts them off
  • ...
  • What next - animation, SVG images, fonts?
  • ...