Summit2008/Sessions/Proposals/QA Tools: Litmus/Hendrix

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led by Tomcat, Marcia, Tchung

Overview of the Mozilla QA Team - who we are, what we do and how to get more involved

  • Quick Overview of the QA Team and the Areas
    • QA Tools (tomcat/marcia)
      • General Automated Tools preview - point folks to the thursday session for more specifics (led by ctalbert)
      • Litmus - Overview of Features, Testcases, Ways to get involved, L10n Testing
      • Hendrix, etc - What Feedback Sources we Monitor
      • Overview of QA Leak Testing (Tomcat)
    • Joining our Community/How to get involved (marcia/tchung)
      • Beta Tester List [marcia]
      • Introduction to Bugdays
      • Introduction to Testdays
      • Summarizes Getting started
  • Remind attendees to show up for jesse's session if you want to talk about bugzilla workflow improvements

UPDATE : Presentation slides in PDF format are at File:QAsummit2008.pdf.