Summit2008/Sessions/Proposals/Sharing tests: cross browser tests project

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Session Title

Sharing tests: cross browser tests project from Mozilla point of view.

Session Leaders

  • Sylvain Pasche


Today it is not easy to see if/how a given feature is implemented amongst all major browsers. The cross browser tests project goal is to gather automated tests, run them on all major browsers and report the results.

See what this means for Mozilla tests and what the benefits / constraints are. Discuss ideas and proposals.


  • Goals / Motivation
  • Situation today in the testing landscape
    • Vendor automated tests (Mozilla/WebKit), scattered non automated test cases
  • Workflow
  • Cross-browser Mozilla tests (Mochitest, reftests)
  • Cross-browser WebKit tests (presentation of LayoutTests)
  • Importing Mozilla tests (see what work is needed)
  • Running WebKit LayoutTests on Mozilla
  • Running the tests on all browsers (infrastructure, ...)
  • Reporting results (tentative demo if possible)
  • Discussion