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Summit 2013 Tracks

  • Product & Technology: Larissa Shapiro
  • People & Process: Mike Hoye
  • Purpose & Strategy: Lawrence Mandel

Who are the Track Owners?

Track Owners for the Summit Are:

Mike Hoye (irc: mhoye), People and Process Track, office hours: 2-3 PM Eastern (6-7 PM UTC)
Lawrence Mandel (irc: lmandel), Purpose and Strategy Track, office hours: Monday and Tuesday 11-12am Eastern Time.
Larisa Shapiro (irc: lshapiro), Product and Technology Track (and the Innovation Fair) office hours: M-W-F 9-10am Pacific Time

You can also reach us at:

IRC: #mozsummit
Vidyo (during office hours): Summit Track Owners room

Can't meet during the designated office hours? No problem. Just ping us and we'll set up an alternate time just for you. :)

Don't know who to reach out to? Here is a list of sessions as they align with the Tracks.

Session Schedule

Here is where you find out the following information about your session (as organized by location):

  • Day
  • Time
  • Room

Session Facilitator Do's


  • Attend training
  • Follow the timeline below - it's there to help you!
  • Reach out to your Track Owner - they want to help you as well :)
  • Collaborate with those doing the same session at the other two locations on how you can work together
  • Reach out to the Content Team that aligns with your session if you have any questions
  • Link your presentation slides (if you have any) or notes to your wiki page so that others can find out more information about what you will be presenting on

Facilitator Training

Can't attend? Don't worry! We'll record the presentation and send it out to you afterwards!


  • Be excited about your presentation (it will make others excited too!)
  • Read your emails - your Track Owner will be reaching out to you
  • Take a break - you'll deserve it after doing two presentations in a row
  • Ask for help - Site Hosts will be easily identifiable and are there to support you
  • Arrive 15 minutes ahead of time in your rooms to ensure you have everything you need and the room is organized in the manner you've requested (if not, please reach out to your Site Host or member of SHW staff who can help support)
  • Get their audience to sign their names on the session etherpad (if they are interested in learning more!)
  • Celebrate - take a moment after your presentation to celebrate the great work that you've done



  • 11th: Look out for the session acceptance email in your in-box today!
  • 13th: Today you'll learn everything there is to know about being a session facilitator at the Summit - get excited :)
  • 11th - 13th: Your first step past training is to touch-base with those hosting the same session at the other two locations and discuss how you're sessions will align/compliment one another. (Helpful talking points: Goal of the session, how the sessions will interact, what are the core talking points, what format the presentations will take, locally pertinent content that needs to make an appearance)
  • 11th - 13th: Attend office hours - your Track Owners are here to help you!
  • 13th: Attend facilitator training
  • 16th: The template for your Session's etherpad will be posted on your session's etherpad here. Please fill out this template by the 20th.
  • 16-20th: Office Hours (part 2!) If you're not sure when they're hosted, feel free to reach out to us
  • 17th: Need any special equipment or room arrangement? Please let us know here by TODAY
  • 23rd: Deadline to submit the first outline of your session framework to your Track Owner for their feedback and support
  • 23rd: Write a blog post about your session - what are you looking forward to, what do you hope to accomplish
  • 23-27th: Office Hours...still have any questions?
  • 27th: Date by which you'll receive feedback on the session framework
  • 30 - October 4th: Office Hours...last chance!
  • 30th: check your in-box - you'll be receiving your 'Need to Know' email leading up to the Summit - reminding you about all the good things like session room, time, logistics stuff....


  • 2nd: Suggested deadline to link your presentation to your etherpad
  • 6th: Reach out to those who attended your session with next steps on how they can continue to be involved in the discussion

During your session, it is your responsibility to ensure everyone includes their name + email address on the session etherpad if interested in being part of the conversation moving forward


Any Questions?

If you have any additional questions, please feel free to reach out to a Track Owner or read through our FAQ.

Communication Channels

  • Email: email your track owner if you need any support
  • IRC: #mozsummit