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Summit 2013 Tracks

  • [Product & Technology]
    • Track Owner: Larissa Shapiro (Office Hours: M-W-F 9-10am Pacific Daylight Time)
  • [People & Process]
    • Track Owner: Mike Hoye (Office Hours: 2-3 PM Eastern/6-7 PM UTC)
  • [Purpose & Strategy]
    • Track Owner: Lawrence Mandel (Office Hours: Monday and Tuesday 11-12am Eastern Time)

Track Owner Do's


  • Host weekly office hours
  • Review (with their fellow track owners) + provide feedback on presentations
  • Make sure your Track is aligned with that of those in the other two locations
  • Guide your facilitators on their presentation and ensure they are prepared/equip with the correct equipment/tech/support needs

Post Summit

  • Ensure Session Facilitators follow-up with those individuals who have attended their session to continue the work that started at the Summit



  • 28th: Email sent with your first steps


  • 11th: Send out session acceptance email today to the facilitators in your track
  • 10th - 13th: Host your first office hours this week over IRC to help guide your session facilitators to success!
  • 13th: Facilitator training
  • 16th: The template for your facilitators wiki page is now attached to the central content wiki. Please remind them to fill it out by the 20th!
  • 16-20th: Office Hours (part 2!) Encourage your facilitators to ask questions
  • 17th: Tomorrow (18th) is the deadline for facilitators to complete their needs forms and Monday (23rd) is the deadline for them to submit their content framework - TODAY - I will remind You to remind Them
  • 23-26th: Office Hours...just get better with time
  • 23-26th: This week your #1 task is to gather with the relevant Track Leads from the Content team and review the presentation drafts with them - pay special attention to how the presentations are collaborative across locations and how they accomplish the goals of the Track
  • 27th: Feedback: Give it (to the facilitators)
  • 30th: Send out the 'Need to Know' email leading up to the Summit - reminding your facilitators about all the good things like session room, time, logistics stuff, and how proud you are of them...(Kate will provide you with the draft)
  • 30th - 10/4: Office Hours going out with a *bang*


  • 6th: Reach out to all facilitators asking them to send a 'next steps' email to all of those who attended their session


Communication Channels

  • Email:
  • IRC: #summittrackowners