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Summit Purpose

Summit participants build a shared understanding of who we are, what we are making and what we hope to accomplish, and exit the Summit dedicated to do more and build this future together.


The work Delegates began at the Paris Summit Assembly continues to help shape the Summit experience. Over the next 10 weeks we will be:

  • Refining Assembly track goals in alignment with Summit purpose (17 -31 July)
  • Co-creating, vetting and stepping into leadership roles of Summit agenda (1 – 26 August),
  • Publishing and helping populate agenda through good evangelism, recruiting and facilitation (27 August – 27 September)
  • Championing the success of our Summit (28 September, Summit and beyond…)

These activities leading up to Summit each have deliverables and time-bound workflows. To know where we are in the workflow, look for the content highlighted in blue in the Work Timeline below.

In order to shape this alignment work into an actual multi-location Summit experience, a team of production experts was assembled. That Program Team also oversees technical infrastructure for Summit. As roles continue to be identified during the collaborative process, Delegate leadership will be wanted. (Communications to come.)


  • Content Anchors - Mozilla executives and key stake holders responsible for generating and grounding Summit purpose. Work with Track Leads to advise on alignment of Summit purpose and track goals.
  • Content Team - team responsible for generating content, vetting program agenda, populating and mobilizing the Summit program. This is the primary role of all Delegates.
  • Content Team Lead - drives Summit Content Team by framing communication flow and activities for all content generation from team. Lead liaison between Content and Program teams.
  • Delegates - though encompasses all members at Summit Assembly, used here specifically to mean delegates working with Track Leads to align Summit purpose to track goals, co-create, refine, populate and help lead program agenda.
  • Track Lead - Delegate leads that oversee track groups. Work closely with Content Anchors to align purpose of Summit and track goals.
  • Program Team - team responsible for creating the schedule based on the work of the Content Team (e.g., keynotes, sessions, demos, branding, hosting, open spaces, etc.). When final Summit Program is published, some Delegates from Content Team will become members of the Program Team.

Summit Tracks

  • Purpose and Strategy
    • Content Anchors: Mitchell Baker, Mark Surman
    • Track Leads: Lukas Blakk, Michelle Thorne
    • Link to Purpose and Strategy etherpad.
  • Product, Technology and Innovation
  • People and Process
    • Content Anchors: Debbie Cohen, Jim Cook
    • Track Leads: Michael Coates, Gandalf Braniecki
    • Link to People and Process etherpad.

Track Owners

If interested in being a Track Owner please see this Track Owner wiki.

Work Timeline

  • Phase I: Co-creating a Summit program
    • Part 1: Aligning Summit purpose and content to generate v.1 of Summit program (16 July – 1 August)
      • Deliverable: Brief proposal of aligned purpose and content for Program Team
      • Due Date: 1 August 2013
      • Timeline of activities:
        • 18 - 23 July: Track Leads meet with Delegates to communicate summit purpose, align track goals to purpose, and articulate any necessary recommendations for Program Team. Delegates populate top level Summit Program roles for v.1.
        • 24 – 26 July: Content Anchors meet with Track Leads to refine goals and recommendations.
        • 29 – 1 August: Track Leads and Delegates suggests topic for Summit Program aligned to Summit purpose and track goals.
        • 1 August: Content Team Lead delivers proposal to Program Team.
    • Part 2: Vetting and Refining v. 1 of Summit Program
      • Deliverable: Feedback for revisions on Summit Program for v. 1
      • Due Date: 13 August 2013
      • Timeline of activities:
        • 8 August: Summit Program v. 1 shared with all Delegates for feedback.
        • 8 – 13 August: Content Anchors, Track Leads, Delegates vet and refine v.1
        • 13 August: Refined v.1 sent back to Program Team
    • Part 3: Vetting and Refining v. 2 of Summit Program
      • Deliverable: Feedback for revisions on Summit Program for v. 2
      • Due Date: 20 August 2013
      • Timeline of Activity:
        • 15 August: Summit Program v. 2 shared with all Delegates for feedback.
        • 15 – 20 August: Content Anchors, Track Leads, Delegates vet and refine v.2
        • 20 August: Refined v.2 sent back to Program Team
    • Part 4:
      • Deliverable: Final Summit Agenda
      • Due Date: August 24
      • Timeline of Activity:
        • 22 August: Summit Program v.3 shared with Content Anchors
        • 22 - 26 August: Content Anchors give final feedback to Program Team
        • 27 August: Agenda Published to Project
  • Phase II: Populating Summit Program (27 August – 27 September)
  • Phase III: Delivering Summit Program (30 September – Summit and beyond)