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Checklist template

`*` denotes employee-only material (which I think over 90% could be at least open to NDA'd volunteers)


Before the release

  • 3 weeks before release, look at Erin Lancaster's Firefox cross-functional deck* and Marketing's Go To Market Deck e.g. 55 Go To Market*, test the beta (we all should be testing the beta and nightly at all times right :-) !) and release notes to determine list of features that are new and modified
  • 2 weeks before release finish (get legal, marketing and engineering approval(s) if necessary) English Language SUMO articles and set to ready for localization
  • 1 week before release prepare Social FAQ and canned responses and check that features haven't been removed or disabled. If so, update the English Language SUMO articles. Share with Social Team and PR and MarComms
  • 1 week before release, prepare for SUMO day
  • 1 week before release, post thread about the release with new and modified SUMO articles to the SUMO contributor forum

After the release:

  • day of release and day after check SUMO forums for trending issues
  • the Monday after release check SUMO forums for trending issues
  • 1 week after release, run a SUMO day
  • 3 weeks after release prepare a SUMO support report



  • Q: Why is this on A: because it is open, editable and discoverable by all unlike Google Docs, trello, taiga, etc
  • Q: Who is the audience for this checklist? A: Everybody not just SUMO folks! Namely: ALL MoFo, MoCo staff and volunteers not just SUMO staff and volunteers. This way everybody is exposed to the incredible :-) amount of yak shaving we have to do around releases.
  • Q: How will this Checklist be used? A: This wiki page will be used to manually create public Trello cards. And then from checklist for that release we will link to the cards for that release. e.g. the Firefox 55 desktop checklist will link to the 55 desktop release Trello cards