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This document describes one part of the Support efforts around Firefox 4 Beta. For other sub-projects, see the main project page

As part of learning more about how our users interact with the new browser, we'll be doing a longitudinal study through test pilot to see how beta users are adapting to the UI changes.

Goals (Phase I)

  1. See what UI features of Firefox 4 are the most confusing at the beginning
  2. See what users still have problems doing after two weeks of regular usage
  3. Measure how user behavior changes over those two weeks


This is a draft and may change

  1. We will have an on-going test pilot study with the following parts (users should only do this study once):
    • A survey part 1 sent within a day of signing up for test pilot.
    • A menu usage/chrome usage study that tracks clicks and measure familiarity with the UI
    • A survey part 2 sent 14 days after the first one with follow up questions to measure user perception of how they've adjusted.
  1. We will analyze the data on a on-going basis and refine the questions to focus on particular problem areas
  2. It may be possible to subdivide the analysis to look at users who are mainly keyboard-driven or mainly mouse driven or use the awesomebar vs search vs saved bookmarks.
  3. Any feature that looks to be difficult to adjust to or learn may need particularly careful documentation/videos/tutorials or simply may need fixing.


This section needs elaboration