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This document describes one part of the Support efforts around Firefox 4 Beta. For other sub-projects, see the main project page

This section involves providing user support to the expected 1-2 M beta users who are not in the usual "technical" beta audience. These will be more mainstream users and rather than the previous approach of telling users with problems to stick to release versions of Firefox, we'd like to provide the full support experience from the outset.


  1. Provide help, support and instruction to Firefox 4 beta users, solve their problems and make sure they're satisfied with the beta.
  1. Build a vibrant and active community around the beta outreach program that we can maintain when Firefox 4 is released.


This section very much in flux!

  • Set up a support forum for the beta
    • Push Kitsune support forums (questions app) [sumodev]
      • Set up appropriate tags and detection [Cheng & sumodev]
    • Set up questions for AAQ form for beta [Cheng & SUMO]
      • Collect relevant information from current forums and feedback.
    • Set up landing page
      • Redirect beta users to this landing page [need sumodev]
  • Talk to existing SUMO community members about not telling users to downgrade and get community buy-in. [Kadir]
  • Build a Firefox Beta Support community team that focuses on beta
    • Action items needed [Kadir]
  • Reach out to beta community asking for help with support [Kadir & Engagement?]
  • Reach out to beta community to make them aware of our support resources and provide appropriate linking [Cheng? & Engagement]
    • Plan to put link from whatsnew page and sad-face feedback. [Cheng]