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Actually, I think this would work best as a forum start page redesign by listing it in a series of steps:

1) See if anyone else has the same issue and gotten help.

Use the search box below to search for other forum threads that may match your problem.  This is the fastest and easiest way to get help.

[Search the forums                                                                                                          ](Go >)

2) Post your own question:

Give a detailed and specific summary of your Firefox issue:

Good: Firefox does not save form data on

Bad: Firefox doesn't work

[                                                                      ]

Describe your issue in detail:



What steps are you taking to reproduce your issue?



What steps have you tried to fix this problem? What happened?



If this happens on certain websites, what are the URL(s) of these websites?

[http://                                                        ]

Please tell us the full text (not just a summary) of any error messages or warning messages that you get.



If Firefox is crashing, please tell us the most recent 5 crashIds (how do I find this?)



What extensions are you using?(how do I find this?)



What version of Firefox would you like help with?

[Firefox 3.5.1]

What operating system (eg Windows XP, Vista, OSX 1.5.2, Linux) is this installed on?

[Windows XP SP2]