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I hereby pledge to take part in the Support Firefox day on March 23rd, and help people have an awesome first day experience with Firefox 4:

Support Firefox Day, March 23rd, 9am to 4pm (PST)

Name Nick (SUMO+IRC) Availability (PST)
Kadir Topal all day
Cheng cww all day
David djst 9am to 1pm
Michael michaelverdi all day

zzxc all day
Galaxy Gal all day

auscompgeek 9pm - midnight (and short periods before)
Vito Smo from ~9pm CET on
Ziggy Ziggy_Maes all day
Tony TonyE 10am to 4pm
Tom evilpie probably all the time (GMT + 1)
Tanner Tanner all day
Tracy twalker/tracy from ~11am to 2:30pm PDT
Florian Metal-Mighty 1am to 4am (and maybe from 6am to 4pm)
Christopher Christopher/CL58 ~11:30am PST/2:30pm EST on
Tobias Tobbi intermittently (trying all day though)
Trevor TheMatzah will try as much as possible today
will try as much as possible
Matt Brubeck mbrubeck PDT

Instructions for the Day: