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Track SUMO KPI and display them in the most effective way. KPI stands for Key Performance Indicator. An easily accessible KPI dashboard will align our actions and decisions towards reaching the set targets.

Project plan

  • Define KPIs
  • Gather requirements for KPIs
    • with Cheng, Ibai
  • Gather resources to implement KPIs
    • with Ricky
  • Implement KPIs
    • by SUMOdev

KPIs to be implemented
1. Number of visitors for the site (Sprint 4)
2. % of people who vote “yes, I was helped” on our exit survey (Sprint 7?)
3. Helpfulness of KB articles and Forum (“yes”/total votes for both) (Sprint 2)
4.% of people searching who click on an item on the search results page (CTR) (Sprint 2)
5.% of non-english speakers that hit a localized article (Sprint 4)

6. % of questions that get an action within 72 hours (Sprint 2)
7. % of threads that have answer marked as a solution (Sprint 1)

8. Number of active contributors to the English KB (Sprint 3)
9. Number of active contributors to the non-English KB (Sprint 3)
10. Number of active AoA contributors (Sprint 4)
11. Number of active forum contributors (Sprint 3)

How do we know it's done?

  • We have a way to request a value for every single KPI


Estimated time: 2 month

  • Define KPIs: January 1 - January 14
  • Gather requirements: January 1 - January 14
  • Implementaton: January 14 - March 15


Blocked on survey.


Next step:

  • waiting for survey plan from Gregg