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Increasing the usability of SUMO as a whole. Specifically, we will have a mental map of users with the taxonomy research. We will redesign the site around that model, and implement the changes. In addition and in parallel to this we will introduce a new search engine with measurably improved performance with regards to click through rates.

Project plan

New Search implemenation

Taxonomy Research by Nielson Group, due February 9


Final recommended IA structure and a brief write-up of any further recommendations etc. - due March 30

  • card sort of articles into susan's categories and analysis
  • test new hierarchy in treejack
  • Deliverables: Final recommended IA structure (spreadsheets) and a brief write-up of any further rationale, recommendations, and findings.

Paper prototyping of new iA due May 29

  • Create paper prototypes (represent key page alternatives and paths to the top task goals for 5-10 top tasks).
  • Test paper prototypes and/or wireframes developed by Mozilla with a small number of users (6-8) in think-aloud qualitative usability sessions. Testing should be done at several stages of the design process (paper, clickable wireframes, visual design draft)

Goals: Discover what's confusing about terms that the previous testing could not resolve, check the performance of alternative terms and layouts against top user tasks, rapidly iterate the designs to improve their usability, and figure out what kind and how many screens, messages, and feedback mechanisms will be needed to accomplish interactive tasks efficiently.


  • Test plan (stands as an artifact for reuse in future PP tests)
  • Changes to the IA structure and labels
  • A brief writeup of any other interesting findings.
  • validated prototype designs as a byproduct of this process

See here for further work:

New Homepage and question workflow based on design by Bram

Implementation of new design by sumodev

When are we done?

  • Elastic search is used 100%
  • Homepage redesign is in use
  • New workflow from homepage to articles is in use
  • New workflow to ask question is in use


  • Taxonomy research phase 1: January 1 - February 10
  • Taxonomy research phase 2: January 20 - March 5
  • Taxonomy/UX research phase 3: March 5 - April 15
  • UI design phase: mid to end May
  • UX implementation: June/July

Elastic Search integration:

  • Turned on for 50%: February 16
  • Turned on for 100: March 6 (right after bug 729103 lands)




Next step:

  • Paper prototyping