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  • Reducing questions by helping people find an answer beforehand.
  • Support users in asking high quality questions
  • Make it easier to ask a question


A new process for asking questions that:

  • increases user’s confidence
  • reduce perceived complexity and time spent on the AAQ flow.

Open issues/risks

  • How do people get into the flow? How many ways are there?
    • There are three ways:
    1. By clicking the “Ask A Question” link directly
    2. By performing a set number of search queries, an AAQ notice box would appear at the top of the search result page
    3. By viewing a set number of KB articles, an AAQ notice box would appear at the top of the KB article
  • Do we need a builder to manipulate the process without code pushes?
  • Are process wizards part of this work?
    • I don’t think so. The process wizards is more meant for tailored answer (ie. it appears on top of the search result page) or for the Troubleshooting/triage process. We have determined that the triage process (“have you tried A? Have you tried B? Have you tried C?”) is not the same as the Ask A Question.
  • How can users view articles and return to the flow if it's not the right one?
    • There are two potential ways:
    1. Articles and Discussion Threads will open in a new window
    2. Articles and Discussion Threads will open in the same window. User will hit the “Back” button. Hitting the “Back” button is not a taboo. The process will retain the user’s product and topic choice, and the recommended articles list
    3. Articles opening in a overlay box?
  • What's the experience of a new user compared to a returning user?
    • Exactly the same. If users feel the need to ask a new questions multiple times throughout a short period of time, we have failed in our job. The AAQ should be something the user does rarely
  • How can we increase the visibility of known and trending issues (i.e. java vulnerability) so they don't highjack all the questions in the forum?
    • There is already a place in the new IA called “Hot Topics”, that will list trending issues
    • Currently, the forum is a one-to-one service platform. The user is not encouraged to directly browse the forum for issue. He can search for a question and mark it, but he cannot browse for it directly. If we want to increase the visibility of the forum, read below, but keep in mind that, to do this, we will need to encourage users to browse the forum—something we are not doing today.
    • First, we assign a score to each question in the forum (for example: how many other users have the same issue over the past 2 weeks?), and then sort the forum not by post date, but by popularity of issues. This is a more helpful view to users.
    • Then, for contributors who have logged in, we can continue sort the forum the way we do it today
  • How can we manage the expectations of a user so they know when to expect an answer? And what type of answer they will receive based on their question?
    • Say it clearly on the form text. Mozilla is a non-profit, and SUMO is run entirely by volunteers, so your expectation should not be that it is run by paid staff.
    • Better yet, say this on the “Get Community Support” task landing page. This page was created in the IA so that the user have the right expectation and can view additional resources before clicking “Ask A Question”
  • How do we ensure that users understand all the steps of the process and don't drop out involuntarily?
    • Shorten the registration process so that a user can simply ask a question without worrying about creating a username and password
    • The user clicks on an email verification message to confirm the posting of his question, not create a username and password
    • If the user wants to post a response, he will then be required to create a username and password
    • The concern: proper introduction. It is rude to ask a question before at least introducing yourself
  • How do we measure the success of the flow as a whole and each step individually?
  • How can we maximize our visual assets? Can we make the flow visually heavy instead of text heavy?
  • How can we capture the maximum relevant information from the user? Can we do anything else on top of the Support API? Can we customize forms per topic?
    • This is a great idea. If by customizing forms we can get better questions from user, then we should do it. I haven’t thought about it, though
    • Not all questions are about problem. Sometimes, a user just wants to know how to do a specific thing, and cannot find how on the KB
    • Right now, the topic the user can select reflects the topic that a product has. This is simply to make pulling articles that are tagged with a topic from the KB easy


Feature overview

Users & use cases


  • A logic that pre selects a product and topic based on previous searches and browsing history.




Functional Spec

What contributors should do

Things that will need to be figured out

  • How to track the bail rate, if it is only one page.
  • How to suggest product/topic when people come from the start page
  • How registration works

User experience design

Implementation plan