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Improve Article Feedback Survey

Problem statement/description

We get a great deal of product feedback in our article feedback reports. This hurts our article ratings and it makes it harder for us to find useful information for improving the articles. This also impairs our ability to be true customer advocates as this product feedback is lost. The way the survey captures data also causes ambiguity in the results.

Measurable outcome

We should see:

  • Change in article feedback score many articles after removing product feedback
  • Easier to find useful information on improving our content
  • Increased verbatims in Input

Possible Solutions:

  • Add check box for "I have feedback about the product or feature." If the user selects this checkbox, they will be presented with a link to input. This will not be tallied as negative vote.
  • Combine categories that imply the same resolution. For example, confusing and too-technical both imply that article should be simplified.
  • Make categories mutually exclusive. You should only be able to pick one category per feedback sessiopn
  • Make written feedback mandatory if selecting "other"
  • Work with UX to give the user more indication that they can leave written feedback for any category, not just other.
  • Bug filed: