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  • Sustaining a high action rate and increasing it by leveraging feedback loops
  • Increasing the reply rate by 10% over current rates


A quick overview of our success metric and an actionable list of questions.

Open issues/risks


Feature overview

Feedback is important in motivation. People want to see the effect of their own actions. This feature updates them with the current status of our success in replying to threads and their own impact on that.

On top of the forum listing there is a field that says: xx% of the questions in the last 3 days have a reply. When the bar reaches 100% it lights up green, otherwise it’s orange. It also states the number of open questions. This part is clickable and leads to a listing of those questions.

Alternatively, the field could say “xx of yy questions are answered”, or “zz questions left before all questions are answered”. Different way of conveying the same information could provide encouragement. Saying “10 questions left before all questions are answered” can be more encouraging than “99% of the questions have a reply”, because the user knows exactly how many she’ll need to hit green.

Users & use cases

Forum contributor comes into the forum, sees the count on top, it says 88% of questions have an answer, 15 open questions. He takes one of the open questions on the list and replies. He goes back to the listing page and sees that the open count has gone down, and the percentage rate is up, thanks to his contribution. He feels compelled to take some more.


  • data for stats about thread status
  • Realtime update of stats


stats display with percentage listing of all open questions within the last 72 hours stats are always up to date.



Functional Spec

  • display percentage of threads that were started within the last 72 hours and have a reply.
  • Display number of threads that were started within the last 72 hours and don’t have a reply.
  • Add listing page for threads that were started within the last 72 hours and don’t have a reply.

User experience design

  • needs exact display on top of thread listing
  • needs thread listing page

Implementation plan