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Facilitate the question creation and management process

Problem statement/description

Creating questions is hard for users. Starting from the users who can't figure out how to go through the first page of the AAQ flow (25% loss of traffic) to the fact that users don't get help from the AAQ flow to ask good questions (high percentage of threads with not enough information to properly troubleshoot).

And after the questions is created, users don't have the right tools to come back to the threads so they can finally get their answer.

Measurable outcome

  • Increase the overall amount of solutions.
    • Reduce the amount of solid answers that don't receive a solution vote (by Tyler's analysis
    • Increase First Time Resolution (i.e. first answer to the thread contains the solution and it's marked as such).
    • Reduce the friction of the AAQ flow by reducing the amount of users that ask as question after telling us their intent of doing so (i.e. they click on the AAQ button/link).

Possible Solutions: