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  • Help people solve their issue, in cases where it takes more than one page view
  • Increase enjoyability of our systems for contributors who open new pages all the time


  • Page load times that are reasonably fast.

Open issues/risks


This is about making SUMO page load times so fast that people don't perceive them as issues anymore. Numerous case studies have shown that decreasing page load times leads to more interaction on the site. This is highly important for solving issues of users in cases where they have to load more than one page, eg. after performing a search, when using a process wizard etc. The more interactive our site becomes the more important this will be.

The other goal of this is to make the site more enjoyable to use for contributors. They use the site much more than our average users and are most affected by slow page load times. Making SUMO faster will likely lead to more people enjoying using the site and increase retention rate.

Feature overview

  • Overview of our page load times.
  • Identification of the pages that are important to us.
  • Figuring out what reasonable page load times are for those important pages.
  • Making the pages load in reasonable time, starting from the slowest.
  • Putting a monitoring system in place to make sure we do not regress in the future.

Users & use cases





Functional Spec

What contributors should do

Things that will need to be figured out

User experience design

Implementation plan