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Helping the community managers to stay on top of the current state of affairs regarding Localization of the KB.


A page that visualizes the current state of L10n for a number of locales.

Open issues/risks


Feature overview

This feature would allow anyone to see at first glance in what shape the top 20 articles are for an array of locales.

Users & use cases

Community Managers

Rosana is doing her monthly check on the status of l10n. She opens the L10n-progress-overview and sees that among the top 10 locales Portuguese has fallen back and 10 articles are out of date, 2 are not translated yet. She immediately messages the locale leader to asks if there is a situation she can help with.



  • Show status of top 20 articles l10n for a number of locales
  • A way to display the top 10 locales.
  • A way to pick the number of locales to show.



Functional Spec

What contributors should do

Things that will need to be figured out

User experience design

Implementation plan