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  • Giving best picks for certain phrases


Higher CTR and higher helpfulness ratings

Open issues/risks


Feature overview

Since our KB is finite, we often know what the top article for any search term would be. For a limited number of terms we want to display special sections. Those would go on top of the normal search results.

Users & use cases

  • Ellen’s Firefox is constantly crashing she goes to is lead to the SUMO start page and searches for “Firefox crashing all the time”. We display the normal search results, but on top of the page we have an entry that launches a wizard that guides her through the necessary steps to make Firefox stable again
  • Ellen has Problems on Facebook after her latest Firefox update. We know that the latest update broke the version sniffing on Facebook, there is a forum thread with more information already. Ellen searches for “Facebook issues”. We show the normal results, but on top of them we display the link to the newly created forum thread.


The ability to parse search terms and react to that




Functional Spec

User experience design


Implementation plan