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Our new IA requires a lot of manually created task based pages. Much of the content of those pages can be automated with the inclusion of templates that automatically list articles with specified topics. For example, the content of this page consists almost entirely of a list of articles. A topic template would allow us to maintain this list by maintaining the topics assigned to articles (a task that already needs to be done) and not have to additionally manually create and update this list.


Open issues/risks


Feature overview

Users & use cases



  • Add simple wiki syntax that works similar other sumo templates.
  • The template shouldn't have to be created or defined prior to inclusion in an article. It should be defined by the arguments in the wiki markup.
  • The ability to add any number of topics to the template.
  • The ability to subtract any number of topics from the template.
  • The ability to define the sorting of the resulting list of articles by visits, helpfulness, date or a combination of these.
  • The ability to limit the number of articles displayed.




Functional Spec

User experience design

Let's say I'm editing a task based landing page and I want to list all of the articles that show you how to use bookmark features. I could write something like:
Note: These are not our final topics.
[[Template:Topics:+bookmarks-error messages:Sort:visits+helpful]]


Implementation plan