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Feedback from the patio session at the Summit. Please add more, if you think something is missing

On the right track

  • Creating an official support KB was the right decision. SUMO is valuable and benefits a lot of people.
  • The localization dashboard is of great help and should be extended.
  • The feedback confirms that the KB rewrite will address a lot of the current important problems, including localization.

Needs improvement


  • SUMO is too slow
  • Some communities need localized forums
  • There is no way to contact contributors
  • Printing in current SUMO is broken
  • There should be a way to save an articles as PDF
  • The contributor documentation is too long, nobody reads it
  • There should be a site wide check for broken links
  • There should be summary of changes, e.g. for the last week
  • The sidebar on the right seems useless
  • It should be possible to look at poll results for a locale only
  • Edited articles waiting for review [1] should be listed by edit date (e.g., oldest first) instead of alphabetically (or at least allow for different sort orders).


  • The editor is not wide enough
  • Skipping the review phase should be possible for one-man-teams
  • The editor needs syntax highlighting
  • The syntax is too complex
  • There should be a way to mark articles as finished/not finished
  • There should be a way to remove old images from articles
  • When images are updated, the URL shouldn’t change.
  • Above the translation editor there should be some text and link to the local site. The text should give a visual explanation of the edit/review process.
  • The current diff is broken, no one uses it
  • There should be a way to tell how far the translation has progressed (20%/80% etc.)
  • The preview should be accurate
  • Copying from the diff view inserts strange characters/formatting
  • When old text is removed from English articles it should be removed in the translations as well
  • The anchors in articles should be language independent as well, like the site names. So that changing them doesn’t break linking

Further ideas

  • There should be a SUMO-Book for download